Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Standing pat

No deals.


JM said...

And while we're at it, what have they done to the rain?

And to A-Rod...I know I'll never find another you.

Silver threads and golden needles will not mend this heart of mine. And if the Seekers never did that one, screw it. They weren't that hot anyway. Now the Zombies...they were the shit. Still are, if you catch them on their unending tour, even at their pronounced age.

Rod Argent, keyboards, said...

Righto, John, looking forward to seeing you at the Stadium. Despite my "pronounced age", I have been signed to be a "utility infielder" for your Yankees. Now this game, it's a bit like rounders, right? Cheerio!

m said...

"Care Of Cell 44". All I gotta say.

Mike said...

...except to say that I am the idiot who typed "m" earlier; that I am thinking the Odessey & Oracle could be made into an A-Rod musical (I seem to remember Big George being mentioned in long-ago Yankee yearbooks as being the money behind something called "George M." ...I suspect he'd be cool with a play called "Alex E.", especially if The Boss didn't look like he was wearing lipstick); and that I am thrilled that Mr. Argent is our new utility infielder but that I hope he doesn't hold his head up more than necessarily.

OK...that's all I gotta say.