Monday, July 1, 2013



Anonymous said...

they shoot horses don't they?
does that include inane mustangs?

Stang said...

Ha! You really put me in my place.

JM said...

Hey, I didn't come here all the way from Germany to listen to you two bicker. Take it outside, Anonymous, this is a family bar.

Two HR for Cano, Zolio proves he's just as good as Zbutter, Andy passes should be dancing in the streets. We won't play teams this bad very often.

I gotta say, though, 'inane' is a good word. 'Asinine' is good, too. These are all things you can imagine coming out of Noel Coward's mouth, or maybe George Sanders'.

Rex Reed is still writing for the New York Observer. Kind of the love child of Gore Vidal and Gene Shalit. Rex might still use those words.

Perhaps we're beginning to understand who this 'Anonymous' really is....hmmm....

el duque said...

Does Wild Bill, at the end, say:
"America, bless God!" (?)

I've never heard anybody say that. But dammitall, it makes sense. We're always asking God to bless America. This guy is saying it's time for God to get blessed - by America. We're giving back. Long overdue.

KD said...

Is anybody else besides me getting tired of Kate Smith belting out that prayer at the Stadium every night? People actually stand and take their hats off and put their hands over their hearts, like it's the national Anthem. I treat it currently like I treat the wave: benign indifference. But I'm almost to the point of open rebellion. I DO NOT need to be lead in prayer at a ball game!!

Stang said...

Wild Bill says "America, bless God" because he's from the Bizarro World.

KD, take pity on those Yankee fans who doff their caps and place their hands over their hearts. The ones who don't are dragged downstairs and beaten.

joe de pastry, trying to guess the fuzzy not a robot numbers said...

I could not agree with you more.
Screw those hyper-patriots who makes us please rise twice at each game. Time for a little uncivil disobedience at the ball yard.