Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A seemingly deep thought about the Yankees

It's increasingly probable that A-Rod will never reach:

a) 3,000 hits. (He has 2,901.)
b) 2,000 RBIs. (He has 1,950.)
c) Willie Mays on the HR list. (He has 647 to Mays' 660.)

But if Alex never again steps to the plate in a Major League game, his career batting average will stand forever at .300.


KD said...

Two MVP awards as a Yankee. the last two earned were Mattingly and Mantle. That's pretty good company for Alex. You're not a fan if you discount what this man has done as a Yankee. It's been a good show.

Anonymous said...

Virtual Reality/Counterfactual: A-Rod returns from the DL, appeals the trumped-up drug suspension, against the odds rejuvenates himself the old fashioned Yankee way (beer and Hebrew National hoitdogs), sparks the team, and takes advantage of another Red Sox late summer swoon to lead the Yanks into the postseason. The A-Rod naysayers forgive him, and a blonde in the stands winks at him. Yankee magic. As I have said before Yankee Pinstripes can redeem. Let's be honest. If Jesus came back, he'd root for the Yankees. And if Jesus has as good a curveball as I think he has, he could step into the roster when Mariano retires. Can you think of a better closer than Jesus Christ? I rest my case. Don't give up, Duque, Jesus and Alex are on their way.

Swinging Kei said...

I hope Alex gets all three this season. He may as well have an IV bottle of juice waiting in the dugout. By the time they catch him he'll be suspended anyway.