Saturday, July 13, 2013

A seemingly deep thought about the Yankees

Considering Brett Gardners's streakiness, there is no way he can be nicknamed "The Constant" Gardner.


The Ghost of George Steinbrenner said...

OK, boys. All-Star Break coming up. Take time off and heal those wounds. Pulled hamstring? Tape it up. You'll play a series in Fenway when you come back from the All-Star Break. Time to make a statement. Sweep the Sox. Another Boston Massacre. You cannot afford to give up another game in the loss column to the Beantown Butt Patrol. Really simple, gentlemen. You must SWEEP the Sox in Boston. I have asked Lenny Dawson to come in here and give you a motivational speech . . . . Fire 'em up, Lenny.

Alphonso said...

Not so easy when scoring one run a game is your target.