Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last night, the Yankees even drained all the energy from Adam Sandler

Last night, in the middle of another one-run debacle, the YES Team welcomed comedian Adam Sandler to its Booth of Death. And if viewers inched forward in their seats, expecting a funny song or patter of jokes, well, it was like listening to a retired librarian interview her former accountant for an NPR Storycorp.
 Sandler spoke in a hushed tone, so meekly you barely caught his words. Kay coaxed answers and babbled like a midway barker, touting Sandler as the funniest man in Hollywood and a knowledgeable Yankee fan, to boot! To which Sandler then regaled the YES-sirs by saying of Brett Gardner, "He's really fast."

Together, they promoted Michael Kay's upcoming appearance in Sandler's movie, which, thankfully, is not Jack and Jill II. 

Yep, even HOPE Week stops now and then for a free plug.

Later, Kay blathered about what a magnificent guy Sandler is - no ego, whatsoever, none! And who knows, maybe Sandler is a fine fellow. But this Yankee team has wracked up another achievement: It even makes Adam Sandler sound dull.


KD said...

I'll give Sandler the benefit of the doubt, I suppose. Maybe he was simply embarrassed by Kay's self-serving stunt. Certainly, the MASTER would never sink so low. That entire 1/2 inning was just the lowest of the low for me. Truly rock-bottom.

joe de pastry said...

Can't get any lower than being the Onekees.
Sandler actually made a pretty good movie a couple of years ago: Funny People-check it out.