Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We'll Take It, Part 2


Mike said...

We'll definitely take it...the Master Win-Warbled. Yeah, it sounded a bit...rote, maybe? But it's his job and everyone is less than enamored of their work sometimes. I give the man credit for even attempting enthusiasm after a six-run lead got kinda nail-bitish, and I credit him for having the wisdom to say Mariano didn't need the save. Mr. Sterling (look at me getting all Derek!) might occasionally have no clue who just got a hit (see tonight, late) but as for the big picture, his finger is on the pulse.

"Baseball...you just can't figure it". As his faithful guide Suz would surely say: indeed.

KD said...

Three! count 'em, THREE total bases from our 3rd base position last night. Yes, we've turned a corner. A HOT corner! Yes, we have. Really, we have! Take your time coming back A-Rod. we are on a roll!