Monday, July 1, 2013

We Have To Trade Cano Now For Prospects ! There, I said it.

We all know it.

Cashman may know it, but he won't admit it.

The Steindolts are playing James Dolan, and don't know a thing.

We have to resign ourselves to the fact that this team is below putrid and that, other than pitching prospects, we have nothing.  I mean that.  We have no prospects at all who play positions.  Everyday, someone prays for a " stranger on a white horse " to emerge.  if you hold your breath waiting for this, you die.

Maybe, in 3 years, Gary Sanchez can be a catcher for us. Unfortunately, even he has a problem;  he can hit but not catch very well.  Remind you of anyone we recently traded?

Mason Williams is not fooling anyone, and nor is Slade Heathcott.

Almonte is our best position prospect and he'll soon be hitting .250.  Adams is awful.  Nix is shining at .250 with little power.  There are aging holes everywhere in our line-up.  None of our draft picks will make it to NYC.  Right now, even the Staten Island Yankees are in last place.

The Mets traded their Cy Young winner to Toronto for a boatload of high-end prospects, and are shuffling their lineup every day to see who can play.

We have one player that every team knows to be a top talent.  Robbie Cano.

Gold glove defender;  hits for power and average; at peak of career.

If Cashman is smart, he will deal him to a contender right now for a boatload of high-end position prospects.  Maybe even a top future pick.  Otherwise, all teams will simply sit back and know they can buy him at the end of this year, and give up no one.  So Cashman has to find a team that wants a world series ring, and needs Cano to get it.  The missing chip ploy.

It is the only hope.

Reality Check:  The Yankees will not trade Cano ( "he is a Yankee icon," says Hal ) for talent, and they will never admit to re-building.  Cashman will be ordered to re-sign him for A-Rod money, and he will rot here at second base for 10 years while the team comes in last.


Parson Tom said...

Like when Bobby Richardson was the last good player on the team. But even he couldn't take it and retired early, as soon as the lights went out on 1965.

joe de pastry said...

I agree.
The only advantage of keeping Cano for the rest of the year is maybe with him we finish 4th instead of last.
Who cares?
And if they wanted to they could still sign him again at the end of the year.

KD said...

Everybody knows this, even Robbie himself. BTW, Robbie is a great Yankee. There is no doubt of that. But an icon? No, definitely not.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said...

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . . . er . . excuse me . . . the Russian Federation is prepared to offer Robinson Cano asylum so that he can extricate himself from his dilemma in the United States. Although Russia is not as salubrious a climate as the Dominican Republic, at least here in the Russian Federation he will free himself from the hand of American Imperialism and Steinbrenner mismanagment.

KD said...

joe de pastry for GM and give that man Vlad a ring!

bennyboy said...