Friday, July 19, 2013

Drunken blog continues

A few wiseass remarks about A-Rod last night. They do not believe. He and I are luring them into our trap.

Wouldn't it be incredible if A-Rod comes back, tests clean, beats MLB in "court," and leads the team to the World Series? Also, Pineda returns, and Jeter and Granderson, too. And Youkilis, in the final series against Boston - he comes back, steps to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded, and bam - a grand slam! Yankees win.

No. Wait. Better idea. That ties the game. Four to four. Extra ies nnings. We run out of pitchers, so we bring in... Daniel Bard. Yes. We signed him off the scrap heap. No. Wait. Alfredo Aceves. We get Alfredo Aceves. And he pitches us to the big victory.

No. Wait. We have A-Rod homer with two outs in the bottom of the seventeenth inning. Game over. Yankees win. That's it. John and Suzyn go crazy. Fireworks in the sky. Everybody happy.



JM said...

I second this splendid delusion.

KD said...

Keep drinking, duque. It works for you and us.

Alphonso said...

I think it a bit odd that A-Rod made the announcement about his return. Not Cashman or Girardi.

A bad omen, I feel.

Eat, drink and be merry.

From your friends at the French Foreign Legion.

joe de pastry said...

Littlebridge is coming to lead us over the stormy seas to the promised land!

KD said...

Thank GOD this ASB is over. Way too many days without baseball.

DJ on the DL again. Bring on Littlebridge and let's see if the AAA magic can continue. Keep Hope (TM) Alive!!

Ghost of Hunter said...

Duque, Where did you get the absinthe?

bennyboy said...

Bud Selig: "Aren't you ashamed, Duque?"

Duque: "NO! I'M NOT! I LIKE A-ROD!"

Bud Selig: "You know, Duque, what worries me is how Alphonso will take this."

Duque: "W-well...y-you...don't have to tell her!!"

Bud Selig: "Alphonso and I are old friends, Duque. You know that. We used to watch Brewers games together while drinking ourselves into a stupor."

Duque: "I'm...I'm sorry, Mr. Selig. Steroids are bad. A-Rod is bad. H-here..." *Duque hands Bud Selig his beloved A-Rod rookie card

Bud Selig: "Good...GOOD...Now go watch the summer league on NBA TV. GO!"