Thursday, July 25, 2013

That Settles It

"This whole steroid thing leaves me totally cold. I like baseball, I'm a fan as well as a broadcaster. It bores me to death. I want baseball. I like baseball. I don't want to read about and hear about all this nonsense."

John Sterling
Top 6th


manx said...

John's warble was great today. He was really into that one.

Suzyn's Clubhouse Show is up next on the Reynolds Wrapup Show on the Yanks Radio Network.

Anthony Bosch said...

Psssst . . . John. Hey, first time is free, man. Try it. You'll like it. Lotsa broadcasters do it. Duck into the men's room, roll up your right sleeve, and the Crystal Ship will sail, baby. That warble will go 10 minutes, man, 10 minutes. You'll sound like a combination of Tarzan and Pavaroti. Just one little shot. A little prick, and you ARE a little prick according to Jeter, and a lifetime of achievement and acclaim. Do it, John. Suzyn's chicken, but not you.

Larry Craig, U.S. Senator (retired) said...

ah.. John, if you're heading into the men's room for a little prick, don't forget: third stall on the left. See Ya!

John Sterling, from the Hertz 24/7 Booth, said...

Ahum! I do not, good sir, use indoor plumbing. I frequent an outhouse, as God intended. Just sit there a hum a little calypso music.

JM said...

I have to agree with The Man on this one. Enough of this shit already. PEDs are boring. They were boring when Sosa, McGwire and Bonds were hitting 9 million HRs a year, and they're boring now.

Senator Craig, your wide stance on this issue has been noted. Don't expect a campaign contribution when you run for comptroller of your favorite city.