Saturday, July 20, 2013

Runkin blog continues

Listened to John and Suzyn call the loss last night on cell phone. It was cruel to lose when we were so close to having Hafner come to the plate, maybe with a runner on, to tie it up with a home run. At least that's how John saw it: If only Hafner could get to the plate.

The Duke - Redsock fan - is being - God help us - gracious. Yeah. It's that bad. They feel sorry for us.  I couldn't even get a rise out of him by mentioning Bobby Valentine. When a Redsock fan feels sorry for you... it's over.

John didn't lose hope. Down to the final pitch, he was calculating the chances of the great Hafner getting his swings. I may not be the only Yank fan doing this drunk.

ONE MORE DAY. Dying. Did I hallucinate that Zolio hurt his ankle and is out? That couldn't have happened, right?

Please, Lord, don't let us trade a decent prospect for another Ken Phelps.


KD said...

Socks fans being nice (I've seen it too) and the Master staking our slim hopes on a sad sack like Hafner. Truly, these are the end days. Will we sell like the socks did and rebuild? (Oh, for a competent FO!) Or will we stupidly buy? There is your new poll, duque!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Almonte thought "Zoiled again!" when he got injured.

Alphonso said...

You don't have to worry a whole lot about trading top prospects, because we don't have any.

Cashman needs to go.

He will never "re-build" because he doesn't know how, and the Yankees are never honest with themselves or their fans.

So they will pretend that there is always a chance, if we can just get back all our 40 year olds and trade for a few more.

The end is here.