Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another first round pick down the drain?

Ty Hensley, our first pick last June, needs hip surgery and will be out for three months.

He's 19, and it's crazy to think he's done. But it's just as crazy to think this isn't a really bad sign. Good grief, how do we find these guys? Will a first round pick ever make it?

Look at the list of the last 10 years.

2003: Eric Duncan (washout)
2004: Phil Hughes (success! but will we keep him?)
2004: Jonathan Poterson (total washout)
2004: Jeffrey Marquez (ho-hum)
2005: Carl Henry (washout)
2006: Ian Kennedy (biggest success of group! but we traded him)
2006: Joba Chamberlain (success! but did we ruin him?)
2007: Andrew Brackman (washout)
2008: Gerrit Cole (wouldn't sign)
2008: Jeremy Bleich (hurt, probable washout)
2009: Slade Heathcott (was hurt, entering make or break year)
2010: Cito Culver (hasn't hit, ascent slowing)
2011: Dante Bichette Jr. (coming off disappointing year)
2012: Ty Hensley (now this...)

When a great prospect suffers an injury like this, there's no way you can spin it. He's simply not the prospect that he was. Good grief, did the Yankees catch something infectious? Did the ancient Mayans have a bone to pick with New York?


Alphonso said...

Remember Bo Jackson? It was a hip injury like this that finished both his baseball and football careers.

I think we can safely predict that this rookie is toast.

Dean said...

Well you guys are idiots. If you knew anything about FAI than you would switch your pitch. I am excited for this prospect that they caught this early. Bo Jackson had a hip replacement not an injury like this at all! Get better Ty and shove it up their ass!