Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now they want to take away our right to vote A-Rod onto the All-Star team

First, they knock A-Rod out of the equation. Soon, they're knocking at your door. Yep. All that crap they told us about democracy? Forget it. Major League Baseball is saying to America, "You want to vote A-Rod onto your all-star team? Move to Cuba."

MLB is refusing to put Alex Rodriguez on the All-Star ballot. You know why? Because it fears he would win.

OK, I know what you're thinking: Duque, you have finally gone a quarter shy of a nickel. A-Rod can't play in the all-star game because he's out until the all-star break. Nobody would vote for him. And if they did, he couldn't play.

1. Right now, the plan is for A-Rod to join the Yankees sometime after the all-star break. Last time I looked, the all-star break starts the day before the All-Star game. Technically, he could be back.

2. Doesn't the world want an interesting all-star game? This could be A-Rod's first at bat - against, say, old Cranky Greinke of the Dodgers, who could also be throwing his first pitch. Wouldn't that be neat?

3. The Yankees could approach is as part of A-Rod's live game rehabilitation assignemt.

4. Who are we going to elect? Will Middlebrook?

Some folks say totalitarianism begins when they take the guns. No, sir, it does not. It begins when they take your thirdbaseman.

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joe de pastry said...

Embarass the red sux: Vote for Yuchylis!