Monday, April 29, 2013

Is Romine Going To Start Tonight?

Hopefully, Duque will be watching on a wall mounted TV whilst he entertains folks at the Library tonight.

But I thought Romine would have been given a shot yesterday.

Meanwhile, of our 10 top prospects not currently at the stadium:

1. Mason Williams has a hangover.
2.  Banuelos is doing nothing.
3. Sanchez is slipping, a bit.  His BA that is.
4.  Tyler Austin remains a solid .250 player.
5.  Ooga dooga ( that second baseman with the weird name ) is falling.
6.  Montgomery ( once an 11th round pick ) is lights out at Scranton in relief.
7.  Heathcott, who has all the tools, uses none of them on the field.

I can't remember the other guys.  But there are no exciting stories to relate, and there is no reason for optimism.

Remember that guy Santos that Seattle threw us in the Pineda robbery?  He is sucking in Charleston.

So, is Romine in the line-up?


joe de pastry said...

I thought that guy in the Seattle deal was named Compost.

Anonymous said...

Duque is in the lineup tonight . . . in Syracuse.

SanJoseKid said...

Howza bout that Nuno? No walks!