Thursday, April 25, 2013

In The 7th Inning Last Night....

I vowed that I would not eat again until the Yankees score a run.

We have such a miserably inept batting order that it may cost me more than a few pounds.

 What is the longest shut-out streak by any major league team?

I am sick of watching Yankee batters with averages below .200.  In San Francisco's case, below .100.

How do people get paid multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions, to do this?

Isn't that a sign that our society is near collapse?

Here is my question; does a cup of hot water with a melting chicken bullion cube constitute food?

You can be sure I'll be watching tonight.


KD said...

Milkshakes, Alphonso. You could last weeks on milkshakes alone.

Alphonso said...

milkshakes are food. I mean; no intake of calories.

Not until we score a run.

KD said...

I should join you in this odd Juju crusade; however, my wife thinks I'm crazy enough as it is. it's always "How can you watch these rich guys chase a ball night after night?" and what's really bad is- I have no answer!!