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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We cannot reasonably expect this Yankee team to win without its heart and soul

Get well, Mr. Pinstripes


KD said...

I'm trying to like him. trying not to cheer when he gets dinged. damn you duque for putting up this photo and reminding me just how bosux ugly this guy really is. we should give him a beard dispensation and perhaps allow him to share Andy's sensory deprivation tank since we still need his bat.

joe de pastry guessing at robot numbers said...

If you rooted for the obnoxious rocket Clemens when he wore pinstripes you got no excuse not to root for Yuchylis.

KD said...

you're right, Joe. I did root for douchbag Clemens and i wasn't alone either. and we were all rewarded when he "retired" from the Yanks with all those flowery words about the Yankees and his family only to sign with Houston and win another CYA. I doubt Youk will turn out to be such a ratbastard.

JM said...

KD has a good point. I hated Clemens as soon as he pulled a fast one after he made off with that free SUV from George.

Youk is in need of a pair of those fake eyeglasses with the bushy eyebrows, big nose and gigantic mustache. And maybe some Spock ears. And a 6 foot long wig, combed forward.

That would do it.

Aristotle said...

External beauty is a reflection of moral virtue and the blessings of the gods.