Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yankees Double Offensive Output !

We are definitely riding on a positive wave.

True, we were down 7-1 for a while, and some cynics undoubtedly " cashed it in" and watched a documentary on NOVA.

But our assembled team of all pro players and candidates did not do that.  No one was eating over-sized pastrami sandwiches in our dugout. No, sir.

We rallied smartly and nearly made a game of it.

And we learned more than what we read on John's list of positive takeaways;  we learned that our problem may not be an inability to score runs.  Our problem may be; pitching.

If we always give up a lot of runs early; and if our pitcher also gets injured; that is a lot for Jason Nixx to overcome.  Even Hafner would struggle with that.

Pitcher injuries mean we have to bring up someone to pitch that the Yankees really want to trade for another old player.  Although we do have Chin Ming in our system now.  He could replace an injured pitcher.  I love the irony.

 Relax, everyone. This team is storming towards its first win.  We don't even have the longest losing streak in the majors.  There are plenty of high quality teams waiting to get a game on the plus side of the ledger.  Plenty.

Prediction:  Andy Pettitte will celebrate his 42nd birthday tonight with a win.  He'll go six strong innings and yield 1 run.  Two at the most.  We scored four yesterday.  That would give us a win.

So my vote is that it is too early to support the "called for" international Ju-Ju intervention.  That is a panic move and this team does not require panic.  It recalls calm, objective appraisal and assessment.

After all, we are going to sweep the playoffs and the world series.  So why the panic?

My advice;  double down on your bet on the Yankees in Vegas.

Cashman has put together a monster.


joe de pastry said...

Is that "Heart Attacks can happen at anytime" ad purposely placed next to Alphonso's picture?

el duque said...

They pay extra.

JM said...

I was just reading the game recap on ESPN and, amid all the amazing stats about Boston (For the first time since 1999, the Boston Red Sox are 2-0! For the first time since 1935, they began the season with two wins at the Yankees! The Red Sox under new manager John Farrell are off to their best start since going 5-0 in 1999!), I came upon this gem:

'The Yankees have failed to hold a lead at any point in their opening two games for the first time since 1998.'

1998. You know what happened in 1998.

A W/L of .714, counting the post-season (the Babe!).

Swept the entire post season.

Sored more runs than any other team in the majors.

Allowed fewer runs than any other team in their league.

Won the World Series.

Oh, yeah. We're cooking now.