Monday, April 8, 2013

In light voter turnout, Brian Cashman prevails as March IT IS HIGH Yankee Employee of the Month

Note: This may have been a vote of sympathy by Yankee fans.  Combined with his Handicapped Parking pass, Cashman's Employee of the Month parking pass means he REALLY gets to park close to the field.


KD said...

OMG, he's walking! One touch from Alfonso and Cash is cured. No need for the handicap hang tag now. It's a miracle!!

JM said...

This was a lot like Presidential voting. When there's no one worth voting for, not that many people vote and a relatively small group can determine a 'winner'.

That said, I think the outcome may also have been skewed by reader knowledge of what traditionally happens to Yankee Employees of the Month. It's not pretty.

Perhaps a vote for Cash was actually a vote against Cash. There could be some juju at work here.

SanJoseKid said...

ALPHONSO SHOCKER! Priceless art stolen in Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist recovered by Yankees fan sleuth!