Sunday, April 21, 2013

This just in: We have no bullpen

It twinged Saturday when we couldn't hold it for Kuroda. Now this... Logan never got an out, and Phelps is turning into the long man who doesn't last very long.

Danger, Will Robinson (Cano), Danger....


Yogi Berra said...

Ya don't need no bullpen when ya got no catcher. It's metaphysically impossible. I mean, if there's nobody to catch the pitch, how can ya throw the pitch? It's like that chicken and eggroll thing.

Alphonso said...

I'm starting to conclude that Phellps is a mediocre AAA or AA starter/ long- relief man.

Why not give that Montgomery person a shot?

I think we may have awakened the Toronto monster by blowing that game for them.