Thursday, April 18, 2013

John Sterling blows a 7.10 second WinWarble, then later jokes, "Put a straightjacket on that guy."

The being has become sentient. The computer is self-aware. The entity knows....

Last night, the super FAX line nearly exploded atop the IIHIIFIIc AstroTurf Needle overlooking Onondaga Lake. Astonished listeners from across the Yankiverse were reacting to The Master's suggestion that his WinWarbles have gone - as the Brits of 1972 would say - a bit Benny Hill.

It happened as John was reviewing the night's Warble - a 7.11 second Sterl Hurl, his longest of the young season. John was recapping the game and buying time for preparation of Suzyn's Clubhouse Report. At that point, John could not help but admire his elaborate tonguesmithery.

By the way, a 7.10 WinWarble shows that - like C.C. Sabathia, who pitched eight innings last night without his 94-mph fastball - a wily veteran can still cut well-ripened cheese.

Also, the Yankees are 7-1 since this web site mentioned the prospect of launching an International Juju Intervention.  This is not a boast. It is simply a notation of fact. For those of you who cannot deal with the hard reality of fact, I suggest you take up novels or TV watching. Seven and one, baby, seven and one.

Which is the number John hit last night on his Warble: 7.1. A coinck-a-dink? Believe whatever you wish. Seven and one, baby, seven and one.


JM said...

And what percentage of their games did the Yankees win in 1998, post season included?


How many HRs did the Babe hit? Yup.

Well, the portents are more than clear. 2013 is promising to be an important...dare I say, Sterling... year.

el duque said...

7.1 is also the traditional SurroundSound speaker configuration.

Being able to know this is why we love Google.

Alphonso said...

It is also a 7-1 since I suggested an international intervention at this point was "nuts!"

Maybe it isn't the doing, but the undoing.

The negative Ju-Ju, remember?

Leinstery said...

All of this 7.1 stuff is well and good, but we have a real problem on our hands. Last week John starts doing Homerun calls for fallen yankees and yesterday he's making jokes about his win warble, the most sacred thing Sterling. It appears that not only has John's alcoholism gotten worse, but is losing his religion. We need Jeter in the lineup today or I fear that worse is yet to come.

joe de pastry said...

Jeter out of action for another 3 months! Put John and Suzyn in rubber rooms.

J. Lam said...

We had a false alarm on Francisco.