Friday, April 19, 2013

We Had Plenty Of Chances To Win

We had runners in scoring position at least twice during the extra innings horror show last night.
A clutch hit gives us a clutch win.  Instead, we just wasted a good night's sleep.

Let's be honest here, our bullpen is not deep and reliable

-   We can't use MO every day.
-   Robertson is usually a one inning guy
-   Joba did well with horrid defense around him ( for the major leagues )
-   Phellps is best when we are down 6-1 in the second, and comes in to give us 4 innings
-   Logan rarely gets out the batter he is called upon to get out, then surprises by setting down all the        
    right handed hitters ( if he stays in the game )

There is at least one guy in our bullpen I never heard of, but I'm guessing he is not a Yankee farm product.  And he probably sucks.

I guess our goal should be to stay within 4 games of first by the all star game, though I can't figure out why it will matter.

Anyone think the Yankees will publicly mention the idea of Derek playing third instead of shortstop?  I say not as long as the A-Rod issue still looms.  If he is jailed or limps off into the night of wealth and excess ( he, too, may be unable to play effectively any longer ), then maybe.  I'm not sure Derek will be able to play third, either.

Nunny could easily have had two errors last night ( Overbay saved one ).  And he was one of the culprits with the winning run on base.  Although he spanked a hard line drive, and it is hard to direct those things.

Why am I bothering?


KD said...

The Jeter Era is almost over. He will never play SS at a high level again. How can he? It's been a privilage, Derek. We won't see your likes again in our lifetimes.

Dr. Frankenstein said...

We can clone him. A whole team of Jeters! Ah hah hah ha!