Monday, April 8, 2013

"In celebration of John Sterling’s 25th year calling Yankee games... listed below is the beginning of an attempt to catalogue every personalized home run call uttered by the broadcaster. "

The Captain's Blog has launched The John Sterling Project:

Since (2002), 86 different Yankees have homered, but so far, I have identified at least one personalized home run call for only 54.
The goal of the John Sterling Project is to fill in the blanks in the list below. Because Sterling has evolved from ordaining only prominent players with a distinct home run call to extending the honor to all hitters, not every blank will have an answer. However, if you know of a Sterling call not included below, please leave a comment (along with corroborating sources or audio links, if possible). You can’t predict John Sterling, but you can at least try to record his genius for future generations.

The list so far is here. If you can help, you have to.

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Suzyn W. said...

C'mon, John. These guys have already figured out you have been taking material from their blog. Why not give 'em a hand? Now, where are those fab coffee dispensers? I'd ask Terry Francona but that dumb son-of-a-bitch can't even find the stadium.