Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John's takeaway points from tonight's loss

1. Adam Warren certainly must be happy with tonight's performance. Unfortunately, it might be a reason why he is sent to Scranton: He threw a lot of pitches, and manager Joe Girardi, due to the extra strain on the Yankee pitching staff, might want to send Warren down to get a fresh arm. Still, Adam has to be pleased!

2. Boston's Alfredo Aceves has turned into sort of a stormy guy. That's not how John remembers him. He was always pleasant, very nice wife, but he seems to be very emotional for Boston.

3. The biggest news to come out of Suzyn's Clubhouse Report will be the update on Hiroki Kuroda's fingers. The Yankees will be keeping their fingers crossed - heh heh - about the state of Hiroki's fingers. It will be really important to know if Hiroki can make his next start.

4. Thursday, Andy Pettitte makes his 2013 Yankee debut. And the Yankees are hoping he can get it down. It's way too early to worry, way too early. Still, it's kind of an important game. Nobody wants to get swept at home in the first series of the season. And the Yankees are no different on that front.

5. The crowd that left early should mean a lot less traffic on the Deegan. On afternoon games when everybody stays until the end, and the game ends and rush hour, it's really... "Anyway, you get the idea." 

6. Tonight's Power report, sponsored by Indian Point. The Yankees tonight had two home runs, by Pronk, Travis Hafner, and one by Vernon Wells. That leaves the Yankees with two home runs on the season. Travis and Vernon are currently tied for the team lead in home runs. Each has one.


Suzyn said...

"No traffic, John. That's putting a positive spin on things."

SanJoseKid said...

Some additional "takeaway points", respectfully submitted:

(1) Nunez just isn't going to work out at shortstop. His footwork is unsteady and when a ball is hit at him he looks as nervous as if being audited by the IRS.

(2) The Red Sox are the most loathsome team in sports. Why plunk Ben Francisco? Show some backbone Joe "Mr. Muscles" Girardi and trot over to the opposing dugout and personally beat the living shit out of Miller. You might just spark something in your team. If you don't have the balls to do it yourself, Joe, then let one of your pitchers drill Pedroia.

(3) Lyle Overbay might be very kind to his mother, but he's no Tex. Hits into DPs, gets a late jump on ground balls to his right. Truly a rally-starter for the opposing team and a rally-killer for then Yankees. This guy is a DH, not a first baseman.

(4) Steinbrothers- please call Dan Topping & Del Webb and offer to sell the team.

Alfredo Aceves RHP, Boston Red Sox said...

Hey, Sterling. You'd be "stormy" too if you had to play for that little prick Bobby Valentine. Every time I came into the clubhouse he'd ask for my green card. Every single day, and then he'd strip search me. I should have known Valentine was a punk when I saw that copy of "Mein Kampf" on his desk.

Kevin "Youkmeister" Youkilis said...

Alfredo is right on. Don't even get me started about Bobby Valentine. And that moustache that Chamberlain is wearing? It's from Bobby Valentine's old disguise kit. Remember how Soriano used to pull out his shirt tail when he got a save? Well, Joba's planning on tearing off the fake moustache when he gets this year's first save. So, maybe you see it happen around June, maybe July.