Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Highlights of Monday Night Juju event in Syracuse

 Fans came early to get good seats.

Latecomers had to be turned away.

Inside the auditorium, the crowd waited politely 
as one Redsock fan stood to ask his question.

At one point, there was a fun but spirited debate
between fans of Boston and New York.

 As usual,women constantly were making 
themselves available to El Duque.

 In a climactic ending to the show, 
the crowd took special delight 
in passing him around the assembly.

The library did suffer a little wear and tear.


Parson Tom said...

sounds fun. wish I coulda been there.

Alphonso said...

Was this a live broadcast with you commenting and reacting to the Yankee game on radio?

KD said...

who woulda thought i'd ever be sad i don't live in upstate NY?

Anonymous said...

Saw it on C-SPAN. Fantastic! Where did all those streakers and circus animals come from?