Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Hey, Romine, take off the gear, you're coming out, we just got a call, something happened..."

"TIME, UMP, time out!

"Austin! Yeah, Romie! Lose the mask. You're done for the night. We just got some news... how do I put this... Cashman just called. Frankie Cervelli broke his hand. They need you. They're calling your name.

"Ump, we're replacing Romine. Nope, as of now.  Nope, you're not finishing the inning. You're done. They want you at the stadium by eleven a.m. Get home, get your stuff, and get packed, they're expecting you. I'm betting Joe starts you tomorrow...

"Hey, Romie, one last thing. Gonna miss you. Up to you now. I always knew you'd get a shot. You gotta take it. You gotta kill it. You're not coming back, understand? Do us right. This is it. I don't want to see you back here.

"ALL RIGHT, GUYS, THAT'S ENOUGH! NOT SO HARD! This guy gets hurt celebrating in the dugout, they'll put my head on a stick!  Take his picture, everybody, he's gone! Aint coming back!

"All right, who can catch? You caught in high school? So be it. As of now, your nickname is Gus Molina..."

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SanJoseKid said...

Outstanding. You must have planted a mike.