Countdown to the end of 2023 Season

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Congratulations to Don Zimmer, who today threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Tampa's home opener

I hope it landed solidly.


Howard Caverns said...

That lard ass. Yanks should be glad he's gone.

SanJoseKid said...

On the contrary, Mr. Caverns. Zimmer is a superb example of the transforming power of pinstripes. Red Sox manager in the late 1970s converted, by grace, to a brawlin' Yankee, punching out Pedro. Like Babe Ruth, like Sparky Lyle, grace beyond measure. From Satan's minion to a fightin' Yankee. Can I get a witness, brethren?

Parson Tom said...

Yup. Zim's a true Yankee.

Tracy Stallard's Dreams...or something said...

He and Mel were the brains behind Torre, maybe. I say maybe because I can't prove it but if you look at the situation it sure seems possible.

I'd take Zim as the manager right now...Joe G. lost me when he let Manny Bleeping Acta get in his face and didn't knock the loser out cold. "That's not my game"...just like Mussina not brushing back hitters. There's times a statement must be made, and it's made with actions. Those actions never seem to include snorting before taking a drag off a bottle of water post-game.

joe de pastry said...

If it worked for Zimmer, Ruth, and Lyle, maybe we'll all be loving Youk before the season is over.
[But don't remind me of Clemens, my personal least favorite Yankee ever.]