Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dan Shaughnessy Has Some Words of Discouragement For Boston

The man who coined "The Curse of the Bambino" wants you to know the terrorists won:

More end to more innocence. One of our best days is forever tainted. The 117-year-old Boston Marathon will never be the same. The journey from Hopkinton to Boylston Street is now a 26.2-mile stretch of yellow police tape. Do not cross.
* * *
And there goes another piece of our freedom, another sacred and oh-so-local institution.
* * *
We won’t be able to walk into Trinity Church or the Boston Public Library without thinking about the day the bombs went off. We won’t be able to step into the Lenox Hotel — where Red Auerbach lived when he coached the Celtics — without thinking about spectators being maimed. We will forever remember the day nobody could call anybody on a cellphone in Copley Square.
* * *
So Marathon Day 2013 goes down as the day my neighbor’s son sat in my family room wearing jeans with a hole near the left knee from a bomb that went off while he stood near the finish line. 
A dark day. A day that took away more fun, more innocence, more freedom.
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KD said...

Or maybe they can pull together like we did after 9/11/01. Who will ever forget that post-season? I remember signs in the Stadium, with a common theme: "We are New York and we will never give in!". But then again, these are bosox fans we're talking about.

Stang said...

I think it's only the pampered Shaughnessy we're talking about. The rest of Boston seems pretty resilient, Red Sox fans in particular.

bennyboy said...

He's a loser. He should read up on the history of Boston. They've endured much worse, and life moved on. It always does.

manx said...

Did anyone catch John's hr call for pronk tonight?

bennyboy said...

A Pronx Bomber! Oh it's a Hafner homer!

J. Lam said...

John couldn't stop himself from laughing at his win warble tonight. He even said "That guy should be in a straitjacket.".

manx said...

I'm glad The Master used pronx bomber. He'll never let fear get him.

Leinstery said...

Damn right John used Pronx Bomber. Sterdawg really could not give a fuck about Boston. Little known fact that the counter balance for John's massive hard on for Jeter is his hatred for Boston (Suzyn's is either her hatred of the Oakland Colosseum or the Wave, not quite sure).

Anyways, Shaughnessy is clearly using reverse Juju. he's been really working at it since his guarantee on the last day of 2011. Probably on't work on account that the man is a curly headed twat.