Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yankee Futures Mostly Down

There is an organization that gives a weekly assessment of the Yankee's top ten prospects.

I did have a major argument with that source, not about their postings, but about the issue of whether the Yankees actually have ten prospects, much less a top ten.
In any case, they convinced me that as long as the Yankees have more than ten active players cumulative, in their minor league system, the top ten handle still applies.

Even my final arguments that players over 30 shouldn't be considered prospects, and nor should players who have gone the wrong way ( i.e from AAA to AA to A, etc ) be considered prospects, were rejected.

  So here are a few highlights, nonetheless:

1. Our top prospect, Gar Sanchez, is putting up powerful numbers, playing in Tampa ( forgot that the minors went that low, didn't you?)  By the way, that catcher ( whose name I am blanking on ) who couldn't beat out Cervelli or Stewart in spring training, is no longer a top ten prospect.

2. Mason Williams, our 137 pound ( with spikes on ) number two prospect, is a solid .275 singles hitter, also in Tampa.  Remember that name;  Tampa.  It is as far away from the majors as the moon is from Syracuse.

3.  Ranked number 3 is Tyler Austin, an outfielder who is rated as " good at everything," but not great at anything. Currently, a .250 hitter in Tampa.

4.  Slade Heatcott is a solid number 4 rated prospect, due to his .191 batting average and his feistiness.  He has , so far, had more injuries than Terrell Thomas.  And he is not as young as he was last year, or the year before.  He may have a future in professional wrestling.

5.  My favorite is our number 5 ranked prospect;  Manny Banuelos.  Just call him Mr. Hospital of 2013 and beyond.  The nurses love him, and he loves the jello.

When I think of Manny, my mind drifts to our other "killer B," Dellin Betances, who is now sporting a 13.50 ERA in Scranton.  Headed for Tampa, I say, and I don't mean the Rays.  This is another 6'8"
guy ( along with Andy Brackman ) who chose the wrong sport.

6.  Which brings me to another area of argument I had with the prospect rating service;  why are two of the top ten ( maybe three if you include Heathcott ) of the Yankee's best prospects rated at all, while living in hospitals?  Ty Hensley, our top draft pick (and a RHP,) is recovering " just great" from his recent hip surgery.  Note how well A-Rod is recovering from same.  I wonder if this guy can play third?

7.  Angelo Gumbs a second baseman, is our 7th rated top prospect. And while being on the 7 day disabled list doesn't exactly qualify him as another hospital player, his .088 BA tells me he might not make their softball teams.

8.  Mark Montgomery RHP.  This is the only player in the Yankees minor league system who might actually help the team, but the Yankees prefer to let him languish in hell until he becomes so discouraged he asks ( no, begs ) to be traded anywhere.  Prediction:  we lose him in a deal at the trade deadline, bringing in another portly 35+ player who no longer has a glove.

9.  In 9th position, and reminding us all how Yankee scouting and drafting is worse than blindly throwing darts at a page of names, is Dante Bichette, Jr.  Focus on the Jr.  His dad was decent, but the son is putrid.  Dante sports a less than intimidating .171 average, but leads all Yankee prospects with 21 K's.  And he doesn't pitch.

10.  Zollo Almonte.  Highly rated, I assume, because of his unique first name, Zollo's stock has recently been on an upswing because his BA has risen to .275.  He has no power, of course.

Is Brian Cashman still defending the richness and depth of the minor league system he has built?  Or is he drinking bourbon and making travel plans?


el duque said...

Don't forget Ronnier Mustellier.

Starts hitting for Scranton this week.

Alphonso said...

He is not a top ten prospect.

I would never forget him. The one kid who impressed during spring training. He then " got injured" and disappeared.

Is Pinochet managing our young players?

JM said...

I think Cashman had been drinking bourbon when he defended the depth of his farm system. A lot of bourbon.

Anonymous said...

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13 draft will help.
Austin kid from Stanford to bug Melky Fissel fir 14 years