Monday, April 29, 2013

How will Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be affected by shooting in Rochester?

Tomorrow, the producers of Spider-Man 2 start shooting scenes on location in Rochester. What does it mean?

1. Peter Parker’s spider-sense tingles whenever near a garbage plate.

2. J. Jonah Jameson’s anti-Spider-Man editorials accompanied with Gannett pie-charts.

3. Movie soundtrack includes song by Duke Jupiter.

4. Kraven the Hunter teams with new villain, Zweigle’s the Pop-Open.

5. Peter’s new pal at newspaper: Nick Tahoe.

6. Green Goblin goes on rampage after learning he’s local nickname for can of Genny Cream.

7. Peter increasingly worried about Aunt May spending all time at strange new place called “Wegmans.”

8. Doctor Octopus given contact lenses in ceremonies at Bausch & Lomb.

9. Lizard’s plan to destroy city disrupted when can’t find exit on 1-490 Can of Worms.

10. Gwen enrolls at Monroe Community College, puts on 30 pounds. 

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Anonymous said...

As a proud Rochesterfarian, I say only this, the problem with this movie will have nothing to do with it being shot in Rochester. Go Wings.