Tuesday, April 23, 2013

John's WinWarble: 6.39 seconds (respectable, but not noteworthy)

At this point in the season, the last thing you want is your starter blowing out his woofers on an attempted 7-second WinWarble.

Yes, Mariano won it. Yes, it was a big win. But listen to John hold the line and keep it within a tight 6.50.  He's like Tiger Woods with the final put to win the Master's: He's excited, he's happy, yet he's not about to jeopardize the season by doing something stupid. 

A 6.39 is serviceable, and it's why John remains the preeminent innings-eater in broadcasting.

For you techno-buffs, here is a labled 2-D graphic audio footprint, directly from the sonic footprint registry. Notice the even flow and steady level maintenance. The lack of deterioration on his delivery is phenomenal. He keeps everything within parameters.


Anonymous said...

Nice game! Deserved every second of that warble. But he's still saying strange shit. First he yet again contradicted his own you can't predict baseball motto by predicting that lead off walks score... And the later he "lost the ball in the oatmeal". Sensing we were all confused, he clarified with "oatmeal ceiling". Maybe Cano can get this guy a festeris shot?

Leinstery said...

Agree 100%. John has to work those pipes into mid-season form. Guy can't belt out 8 or even 7 seconds win warbles like he used to. And talk about innings eater, hell John even puts out 3-4 second lose warbles. So yeah he has to reign it in for teams like the royals and the rays. Anyways he is the Andy Pettitte of broadcasting. He can still go out there and call a better game than the young bucks, but he might hurt himself in the process, especially at this point in his career.

And Anonymous, if you aren't aware, John has since become an alcoholic since Jeter broke his ankle. That's why he has been acting strange. Which gets me thinking. If John is going out there and throwing down some serious nuggets and warbles when he's drunk, does that make him the Mickey Mantle of broadcasting too?

el duque said...

When John says, "You can't predict baseball," he is speaking literally.

You cannot predict it. But he can.

JM said...

You can't predict alcoholism.