Sunday, April 14, 2013

In heartbreaking moment, John gives Swisher a "Swishalichous" even though he's playing in another city and another game

Every new dad, watching his child take those first suckling gurgles, reacts with pride, jubilation and - yes - a bit of amazement, realizing that kids grow up fast and life is never be the same. So it was yesterday, as John and Suzyn reported the bittersweet news of Nick Swisher's first homerun as an ex-Yankee.

It came during Suzyn's scoreboard: Swish had hit one, his first since the - you know, the breakup. John said it was wonderful news. "Swishalicious," he added.

In radio, no one can see you cry.

Let's hope John Swishaliciousalizes every Swish swat this year and next. That would make him the first lifetime Yankee, in the Sterling Hall of Fame.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I miss Swisher tremendously. He really took the edge off rooting for a corporation.

Speaking of Johnand Suzyn, anyine else notice Suzyn is making more emotional sound effects this season? It was always hard to hear on a scratchy AM transistor radio in the garage... But with MLB at bat on a Bose system (still in the garage, but they're all Jaguars, not Chevies), you can almost hear her queef. Last season she sort of was making these random whimpers, for no reason. That condition has apparently cleared up, but we get these sound effects now. When Youkilis was hit on Tuesday, before John could tell us what was happening, Suzyn made a gasp that made me wonder if John had just brandished a gun. (Suck my 64 year old dick... no really Im 64...nshut it bitch, wikipedia is the liar)

Yesterday, or maybe Thursday, there were a few men on base, slight drama, and John was in his old wind up here's the pitch... you hear a crack, and Suzyn gives an aww, like the first half of aww fuck its just a pop fly... But then John is talking it up like it might be going places, and... Eh she was right, aww__ ... Etc.

They better not get rid of Sterling, I'm 34, I've known no other way to hear a game since I was 9.

Leinstery said...

I'm going to have to dispute this one and say it was a mistake and not something he will make a habit out of.

John's rampant alcoholism since Jeter's injury probably knocked him into some sort of Vietnam-like flashback to 2009.

If it continues to happen we should consider looking into sending John to rehab.