Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dellin Bettances

I can tell you this:

1.  Dellin will walk a man an inning in his next outing, or

2.  He will be serving middle of the plate offerings that will get rocked.

3.  If he gets back to the bigs ( let's say during the September call-up, when the Yanks are officially eliminated ), he will still suck.

4.  His body cannot be controlled.  It is like asking a giraffe to pitch.

I will also say;

1.  Nunez is lucky to have Overbay at first, rather than Pukilis.  He saves him an E per game.

2.  I notice that on long throws from deep in the hole, near third, Nunez has started "short-arming" his throws.  I guess he'd rather have them in the dirt than into the seats.

3. Nunez is so focused on his defense, he has forgotten how to hit.

4.  Our best prospect, playing in the bigs.  Nunez.

Finally, on another subject relevant to this day;

If you were the GM of an NFL team, and you had the opportunity, would you select in the first round today a player who:

- is slow
- is short
- is unable to shed NFL quality blockers
- is unable to tackle NFL quality runners
- is capable of being, at best , a two down player?
- is a Notre Dame alumnus, maybe
-  is socially worse than inept

If your were the Giants, in other words, would you select Ta'o in the first round?

Would you ruin your team's chances of building a decent defense, or strengthening your offensive line?

Would you set back the team 5 years by blowing this first pick on a proven dog?

Let me know.  It will be another reason not to eat.


KD said...

regarding football: the only thing i care about is New England losing. I figure those fans are all bosux fans too. Max pain to them all, i say!

el duque said...

Don't worry. The Giants are not going to draft T'eo.

I promise.

el duque said...

By the way, I know what you're doing: You're loading up the most powerful juju you can muster and throwing it in Betances' direction.

If the guy ever makes it, he should pay half his salary to you.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Damned right, KD. Those arrogant New Englanders spewed nothing but sour grapes after the election of 1800. 'Tis the climate I think. Gives men the bile, all that snow, ice and raw fish. "Patriots"? Humbug. Presidents come from Virginia plantations, not those smelly New England villages, fish entrails fouling every street.

KD said...

Hi Tom! you and John do have a little in common. why not drop him a line and let bygones be bygones?

Thomas Jefferson said...

Skilled diplomat and genuine American that you are, KD, consider that that Adams fellow didn't even attend my inauguration. Let's face the facts. I was the better President. Think of all the major league cities that are within the real estate I picked up in 1803. No Louisana Purchase, no Major League Baseball. Now Andrew Jackson, HE was a real motherfucker, ignoring the Supreme Court and all. But Adams was a hack, nothing more. By the way, I will be throwing out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game on 4th of July. Stop by and I'll autograph a Declaration of Independence t-shirt for you, KD.

Dwayne Johnson said...