Friday, April 5, 2013

Railrider Report: Melky Mesa was on fire last night in Scranton: 5 Ks with runners on base

The line on Melky Bradley Jr. was always that he fans too much. Last night, the Mesa Melkman tallied five (5) Ks. That's beyond the Golden Sombrero. That's October in New York. That's King Kong Kingman. 

Moreover, the good Quakers of Scranton waited all year for their Traveling Wilkes Barres to exit the New York State Thruway (they'd lost their punch ticket and didn't want to pay full fare) and return to Moosic. Last night, the team lost in 10 to the defending Governor's Cup champion Pawtucket Pawsocks.

The Railrider bats were probably going through Sbarro withdrawal, no longer accessing the Batavia-to-Albany rest stop cuisine. Our pitching held up: Vidal Sassoon Nuno - winner of the 2013 Most Exciting Rookie in Yankee Spring Training Award - pitched almost five innings and gave up 2 runs. The Thruway already misses him.

But five strikeouts in five at bats, each with at least one runner on base - wow.

Listen: It's a long season, and Melky Mesa certainly has time to restore his good Cabreraean name within the Electric City - and the future of the Yankees. It's been said that he'll be the first outfielder recalled in the event of a broken pinkie. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed.

And no matter what he does HR-wise, let's not take our eyes off his strikeout totals. If he can't cut down on his swing - well - we just have the wrong Melky.

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Alphonso said...

Sorry to burst your bubble. But this guy is not a prospect and never was.

You might see him at one more spring training, or for pinch running duty in September if we are 18 games out, but that is it.

Follow another loser. Like Heathcott, or Adams or Williams, or Austin.

You are riding the wrong horse.

Actually, that is all we have, isn't it?