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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John's home run call: "The Bronx is Vernon... Wells Rings the Bells"

For the record, "Hunk-a-hunk-a Vernon love" would have been better. 


Baba said...


Stang said...

And he called Hafner's HR "Pronk's Bomber!"

JM said...

I understand. The Master must be original, and not swayed by cheeky fans who still love Elvis.

The Bronx is Vernon, though? Kind of dark. And weird. And the bells thing is sort of senseless.

Pronk's Bomber? Wtf?

el duque said...

Actually, upon further reflection, "The Bronx is Vernon" is genius. It touches upon the ESPN mini-series about the Reggie, George, Thurman and the Son of Sam.

Hunka-hunka refers to Elvis, who really has no Yankee component. I believe John studied this at great length and concluded that "Bronx" succeeded on multiple levels, while Hunka-hunka simply made people feel good.

"Bronx" suggests to us that this Yankee team - like the great ones of the late seventies - can overcome enormous adversity, after having been counted out by much of NYC.

I think we all have to look within ourselves, as John did, and wonder whether we are being too negative about this Yankee ballclub. "The Bronx is Vernon" is a message, my friends. John is telling us the Bronx is NOT burning. It is Vernon. Do not turn away from that bright light.

Anonymous said...

Here is the call with a Boston centric take on it. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Pronk is Hafner's nickname, and Pronk's Bomber is a play on Bronx Bomber

Anonymous said...

He also called Youkillis's "A Nuke, From YOUK!