Sunday, April 7, 2013

It'sStill October, 2012, Don't You Know?

A few words about Robbie Cano;

1.  He is hitting just like he did against Detroit last year in the playoffs.  That is to say, not at all.

2.  He is the only "next generation" Yankee ( after Mariano, Derek, Andy ) that is hall-of-fame talented, and came up through the Yankee system.

3.  He still doesn't bust it to first on " automatic out" ground balls.

4.  He is going to want $180+ million in his next contract.

5.  What if he keeps hitting at a .130 clip?  Is his history worth $180 million?

6.  If you were Robbie, and knew that the remainder of your prime career years would be spent with non-playoff, " re-building" Yankee teams, would you want to stay?

7.  Would the Yankees be smart to trade him for some actual prospects, since we have none?

A few general ideas and queries:

8.  Is anyone in the Yankee hierarchy capable of identifying a prospect?

9.  Do we need a new manager and general manager before any Yankee prospect is given a legitimate shot at playing for the Bronx Bombers?

10.  Is Dr. Andrews, from Birmingham, Ala., secretly selecting the Yankee draft picks?

A Quick Historical Perspective;

11.  The 1965 Yankees, after the first five games of their season, were 3-2.

Why Do I laugh When I see Joba Warming Up?

12.  I don't know.  But it is a far different reaction than I had when he first came to the Yankees.


CC will pitch better today, but we are not going to score enough runs to beat Verlander.


Reginald Martinez Jackson said...

In the meanwhile, in Oakland . . . .

JM said...

9. Yes