Saturday, April 27, 2013

Calling Dr. Andrews....

I already know the results of Ivan Nova's MRI.  Not because my apartment is across the street from the Hospital For Special Surgery in NYC, but because I know the look in Nova's eyes.


Here is what happens next:

1.  MRI shows some kind of strain but no apparent structural damage.

2. It is determined that Nova should be shut down for 3-4 weeks.

3.  Soft tossing begins after that and, a week later, he tries to throw from a mound.

4.  All goes well and he is sent to Scranton to build arm strength.

5.  He feels a tweek in his second Scranton outing, in the 5th inning, and is pulled for precautionary reasons.

6.  His next bullpen session goes well and he is called back to the stadium.

7.  He gets rocked early and is pulled by the fourth inning, down 6 runs.

8.  A second MRI confirms a tear and he is scheduled for Tommy John surgery.

9.  Dr. Andrews informs us that the surgery was successful.

10.  2013 and 2014 are lost for Ivan.

11.  Chin Ming Wing replaces him as our fifth starter.

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Leinstery said...

I can see it now. Nova will be lost for the year and Joe announces that he will use a 4 man rotation. The Yanks proceed to hit some hard times the net couple of weeks and Joe goes out to the mound during a game against the Red Sox and cuts a promo pleading for someone to help. Big Papi in turn comes out and announces that the Yankees are done and it's Boston's time now. He then turns his attention to Youk and calls him a washed up sellout. Youk does not take kindly to this and starts a bench clearing brawl on the field. Then Wang's music hits (most likely Kashmir by Led Zeppelin) and Wang comes out of the crowd with a steel folding chair and starts raising hell, essentially saving the Yankees from the vicious Red Sox onslaught. Wang proceeds to no hit the red sox.

You heard it here first.