Friday, April 5, 2013

Yanks Tear Up Socks...Begin First Meaningful Win Streak

I told you Andy would pitch great.  He was even better than I forecast.

I think we now begin our climb to first place.

If Ivan Nova can get out of any inning, we have a shot.  Is he our number 4?  He has pitched more like number 2, I know.

But I saw we win the next five in a row.

No problems.

We own this division.


el duque said...

I'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of juju you are working. I understand your reverse juju - which was to say we were going to lose. (Thus, we will win.) But this new juju is sort of reverse-reverse-reverse juju. You say everything is bad, but that we're going to win. (Thus, what?)

I know you are trying to light a fire under this Yankee team, and I know the last six months have been difficult. But frankly, you are like Granderson against lefties: You're pulling every ball to right, you're not using the entire field, and you're swinging out of your heals. You need a Kevin Long of juju. I think you have to rethink your stance, like Youkilis - whom you will not watch - and I think you have to start making adjustments. Otherwise, this season could go down the drain.

I'm sorry to have to say these things, but we are 1-2, and none of us - NONE OF US - is batting 1.000. We can all improve our game.

Alphonso said...

I think they will lose miserably if left alone.

Negative Ju- Ju, I think, can only work with a team that, at the core, is good enough to be a champion. This team, at the core, won't be in the playoffs. So I don't think the old formula of negative Ju- Ju any longer applies.

A positive triple reverse Ju- Ju might help a lousy team win. Although, in truth, nothing can help this team win.

Also, by being optimistic in spite of Yankee incompetence and losing, people will hate me more.

Basically, I am totally disinterested in this team and have no idea what to do. Except not watch because Yukilis is there.

We need to have a meeting at the lake in May.

KD said...

I may be off topic but did anyone else notice Robbie hitting into the shift last night? Is he turning into Tex? I thought Robbie used the whole field and never noticed a shift before. Sometimes he just doesn't seem to give a rat's ass. Very troubling...

Stang said...

I noticed that, KD.

But that was yesterday's heartache. Today they're shipping Nunez to the Yankee hospice.

Duque, aren't you going to rebut Alphonso?

el duque said...

Unless Alphonso stops trying to hit a grand slam home run every time he steps to the plate - with or without baserunners - I don't see what difference it makes what I say.

The world has overshifted on him, and instead of adjusting his juju, he's just swinging harder with every post. Is he using reverse juju? Is he using fake reverse juju? Is he using reverse fake juju? I don't know. But we're not winning games, and I'm adjusting. I'm thinking of a juju intervention. I'm doing whatever I can.

If we don't root smart, we fans don't deserve to win a pennant.

John Sterling said...

Alphonso is in my spell . . . . You see the world through rose-tinted glasses . . . . You will credit the Great One for inspiring a mediocre Yankee team . . . . The WinWarble must be obeyed . . . . Alphonso will praise every word uttered from the broadcast booth . . . . Alphonso's will is mine . . . . You are my biggest fan, Alphonso . . . . Suzyn is your obsession . . . Bring her red roses to the booth . . . . Bring me a pastrami on rye and a diet Coke . . . . You are captive to a power no JujU can break. Duque, you are next! Hah hah hah!