Monday, April 15, 2013

Yanks besting hex of 1965

Even though Kuroda probably should not have finished the game this early in the season, he propelled us to a great win.

Thanks to the pole hitting Brett Gardner, and a sac fly by Jason ( the hammer ) Nix, the Yankees put 3 runs on the board and that was all we needed.

Mariano was not happy with Nix's error of a routine grounder in the ninth ( when will you be back, Mr. Nunez, we need your glove?), but Kuroda overcame that to keep MO rested.

So this team of vagabonds and cast-offs is now running even with our benchmark team of 1965, which after the first 11, had a record of 6-5.

If you want to look ahead, they then went 6-6, followed by 6-7, which was their high water mark until August 20, when they rallied to be 2 games over .500.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Whose pitching again?

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