Thursday, April 25, 2013

Big Papi's Bomb: The Poem

Though Boston can be dark and gritty,
In one man’s eyes, she’s always pretty.
He should lead some p.r. committee.
Big Papi loves that fuckin’ city.

He’s always showing style and grace,
Puts smiles upon each cherub’s face,
And pessimism? There's not a trace.
Big Papi loves that fuckin’ place.

Though sometimes, evil runs amok,
And Boston's team seems out of luck,
One voice shall rise above the muck.
‘Cause Papi gives a fuckin’ fuck!


Seth Fartic said...

Let no one doubt this man's desire
Or the shakes he takes to make his stats go higher
Cause when the Fenway spirits are headed down
Count on Papi for his fuckin town

Anonymous said...

Though he speaks from deep in the heart,
His body is too busted to deserve to start.
Soon they'll forget his clutch hits of plenty,
For Fucking Fenway is cold and empty.

Anonymous said...

Luckiest man on the face of earth it was not,
Yet marketing found publicity that could not be bought.
They'll ride this quote until it wears thin,
But cigars taste better when you fucking win.